Executive Committee 2014

Please contact any member of our executive committee if you have any questions or comments. If you’re not sure who to approach, please submit a general enquiry using our contact form and the appropriate person will be in touch soon.

Position Email
President Holly McMath president@usydunsociety.org
Vice President Matthew Blake vp@usydunsociety.org
Treasurer Rhys Pogonoski treasurer@usydunsociety.org
Secretary Tilini Rajapaksa secretary@usydunsociety.org
Sponsorship Director TBA sponsorship@usydunsociety.org
Conferences Director Olly Lotz conferences@usydunsociety.org
Education Director Akash Bhattacharjee education@usydunsociety.org
Marketing Director Ariadne Sofianidis marketing@usydunsociety.org
Events Director (Internal) Tiffany Alexander events.internal@usydunsociety.org
Events Director (External) Paulina Kruminaite events.external@usydunsociety.org
General Executive Member Hugh Brassil generalexec.brassil@usydunsociety.org
General Executive Member Jethro Cohen generalexec.cohen@usydunsociety.org