AMUNC Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers about the Sydney University Delegation to AMUNC 2014



AMUNC: Frequently Asked Questions

If I didn’t get a spot after filling out the google form, can I still be apart of the delegation and go to AMUNC?

Of course! Just pop onto on the 30th of May and register directly with AMUNC. This is a first in first served system. And you’ll still be entitled to all the goodies that come with being on the delegation too. We encourage you all to register and come with us to AMUNC!!!

I’m in a special committee/director. How do I register as part of the delegation?

If you have been accepted as a member of a special committee or as a director please fill in this google doc so we can organise accommodation and include you in our delegation!

What does it mean to be part of the delegation?

As a student of Sydney University, we will provide you with training opportunities, research group activities, organise your accommodation and give you information about flights and socials. You’ll also be entitled to a delegation pack with all sorts of useful materials for the conference!

What are the criteria used for assessing delegate applications?

Our executive takes into account your previous experience (MUN, debating, public speaking, student leadership and other relevant activities) and your enthusiasm for model UN and AMUNC. All decisions are based on your application only. We try to be as equitable as possible and our delegation reflects the society’s priorities of student development and promoting excellence.

Do you have to be super pro to be part of the delegation?

Not at all. AMUNC is a developmental styled forum and we provide you with training so you will go from zero to hero in no time.

How much should I budget for AMUNC?

AMUNC registration will cost approximately $275, but don’t forget to budget for accommodation in Brisbane, flights, transport and food. We estimate somewhere between $800 – $1000 for the week!