AMUNC: Registration Information

AMUNC is coming people. Get. Excited.

This round of registration is only for those who have NOT received a position as a director or a delegate in a special committee.

For those who understand the registration process please fill out this google by MONDAY 9th OF APRIL.

For those who are unsure of the registration process, have a look at the diagram below. All the important dates are on it and it tells you exactly what you should do to ensure a smooth road to AMUNC :)

As some of you may have heard, we have been allocated less positions than anticipated this year, therefore, we ask all of you to put time and effort into your applications this year, as it is relatively more competitive.

This will be one of the ways in which we will communicate information with you, so please stay tuned! Make sure you’re friends with Doc on Facebook and join the USYD AMUNC 2012 Registration Group on Facebook :)

For any specific AMUNC questions, feel free to look on the website or email our Head Delegate – Vidushee at

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