The Sydney University Schools Model United Nations Conference (SUSMUN) provides high school students a unique opportunity to investigate complex, global issues. A 1-day conference run similarly to SydMUN, delegates are invited to debate and negotiate within one of the the UN’s specialised committees. Here, they will devise potential solutions within the policy-framework of their nation-state.

As such it offers a unique intersection of public speaking and oratory skills, debating and reasoning, cooperation and negotiation, and exposure to international relations and global issues. SUSMUN also has different committees for different levels of experience, meaning that both students new to Model UN and MUN veterans have an opportunity to engage with their peers at a level which is ideal for them to grow and develop. The objective of the conference is to have a competitive environment for skills development, but to tailor this competitiveness to the experience and needs of the students.

It is also a fantastic opportunity to meet students from other schools who share similar passions. Model UN is also a gateway to an incredible community of students, both in High School and University, in Australia and overseas. Not only does this mean that students have greater connection to a wider range of students going into university, but also an easier path to engagement in student life on campus.

Students with an interest in global affairs, problem solving and/or public speaking are strongly encouraged to apply – it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done something like this before, there are committees for all skill levels.

This year’s SUSMUN will be held on July 3rd, and more details about the event will be posted on the website!