Throughout the year, we run heaps of events to keep members engaged with international affairs. Click here to check out our past events, and scroll down to find out more about what we do!


MiniMUNs are debates similar to the negotiations that take place in the UN nations, engaging with an often contentious global issue. Participants act as delegates, representing the views of their elected country, and try their best to negotiate with others to achieve the best possible outcome (preferably for them, of course). They’re much quicker than the real UN negotiations, often taking about 2 hours, and also come with other perks, such as pizza and drinks. If you’re a first-timer, there is often a preliminary training session that runs through the MUN procedure – so don’t be afraid of not knowing anything! There will also be executive members and seasoned MUN’ers there to help you out – this is also a great opportunity to meet others part of the society and make loads of new friends!

Some of the issues we have debated include “The No-Fly Zone Over Syria”. We’ve also had Harry Potter themed MiniMUNs (hosted appropriately in USYD’s famed Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, aka the quad building) and have many more surprises for this year!

Speaker Events

Throughout the semester, SUUNS invites prominent speakers to talk about their field – which is often related to global issues. These events are free, and give members an opportunity to engage with experts. Past speakers include Justice Michael Kirby, who was appointed by the UN as the Head Commissioner leading the inquiry into human rights abuses in North Korea, and the Race Discrimination Commissioner for the Australian Human Rights Commission, Dr Tim Soutphommasane.

Events - SydMUN 2016
Events – SydMUN 2016

Training Sessions

Shy about public speaking? It doesn’t matter! SUUNS offers training sessions for those that aren’t so confident with public speaking. Not only do we offer public speaking practice for newbies, we also offer provide negotiation strategies and assistance with debate structure for both new and old members. Consider this as a “refresher” course for existing members – you might pick up a thing or two you didn’t know before! There are also conference specific training sessions, which are usually held a week or two in advance.

Social Events

“Serious” events aside, we also offer members a chance to meet other members of the society. These events include trivia nights and end-of-semester drinks and are a great way to meet the exec, make new friends and reconnect with the old. Many of these events will be featured on our Facebook page, so make sure you give us a like to keep updated with what we do!


Every year, SUUNS sends delegations of students to conferences all over Australia (such as NCMUN and BrizMUN) and the world (such as WorldMUN and AMUNC). These conferences are an amazing opportunity to make new friends both in SUUNS and from other universities, countries and states, as well as further an interest in international relations and diplomatic negotiations. At conferences, you’re able to engage with complex issues deeply, familiarise yourself with the problem-solving techniques of the U.N. and better understand the relationships between various nation-states. SUUNS also hosts a huge conference for university students every year – SydMUN, which has been a huge success.