Humanitarian Week MiniMUN: Human Trafficking

Humanitarian Week is fast approaching, and Doc will be hosting a Humanitarian Week MiniMUN on ‘Human Trafficking: Cooperation and Enforcement in the 21st Century’.

When: Tuesday the 8th of May, at 5pm
Where: Latin Room 224.
(Go to Quadrangle Lobby C and go to the end of the hall)

Every year, human traffickers make $8 Billion USD from the sale of an estimated 2.5 million people. Despite a global consensus that slavery is an affront to human dignity and an attack on humanity itself, criminal networks continue to trade in human misery. The only remaining issue is to construct a global humanitarian framework for the enforcement of anti-slavery legislation.
For Humanitarian Week, Doc is trying something new: before the MiniMUN starts, there will be a surprise activity, so come along at 5pm sharp! After the MiniMUN concludes at 7pm, everyone will be heading out to get dinner and drinks. See you all next Tuesday!

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