About SUMO

Besides SUSMUN, the USYD UN Society also runs an Outreach Program, known affectionately as ‘SUMO’. In a snapshot, SUMO is a one-day workshop where, for a small fee, our UN team comes to your school. SUMO is intended to make MUNs a co-curricular option for students. In collaboration with teachers, we can cater these workshops to topics found within students’ syllabuses, e.g Modern History. Alternatively, SUMO can be run alongside a themed week, e.g a Humanitarian Week.


How does it work?

Our UN team will provide a draft resolution, briefing paper and instructional guides on how to succeed in MUNs, which will form the basis of the students’ research and debate.


Students can either represent countries individually, or work in paired teams. Certain committees limit country numbers, such as the Security Council, but generally at least 15 countries are recommended per committee.

Committees that schools may take an interest in include:

  • United Nations Human Rights Council
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
  • Security Council
  • World Health Organisation
  • United Nations Environmental Program

What will students gain from SUMO?


  • The chance to apply textbook knowledge to an interactive, international relations scenario
  • Fosters confidence, global citizenship, and communicative, diplomatic and negotiation skills
  • Educates students on the role and functions of the United Nations
  • Unlike debating, MUNs teach students the qualities of negotiation and compromise, instead of aggressive adversarial debate.

Fee: $250 for 3 hours

For further enquiries or expressions of interest, please contact Tiffany Ha on