MiniMUN#2: Tuesday April 17th

China’s Tibetan Question in the Human Rights Council

In January 2012, the UNHRC urged China to suspend the non-voluntary relocation of nomadic Tibetans away from their traditional lands.The Washington Post reported that Tibet has been under marshall law for months as China rolls in her tanks and stations paramilitary throughout the region.

On March 14th 2012, the European Community and the United States raised Tibet as a key Human Rights situation requiring the Council’s attention.

On March 26th 2012, right before the Chinese President’s scheduled visit in the Indian Capital, Jampa Yeshi, a Tibetan Exile lit himself on fire and ran through a crowded demonstration in New Delhi.

Jampa Yeshi’s act of self-immolation follows 30 similar protests by Tibetan activists in the past year. It is speculated that Beijing’s oppressive regime in certain areas of Tibet have been particularly acute, creating a dramatic shift in the way in which protests are voiced. For now, self-immolators are seen as tragic but honorable martyrs, worthy of their country’s admiration.

Beijing has attributed to the growing protests as the work of the Dalai Lama, illustrated by the PRC as the instigator of these acts.

There is no doubt that the question of Tibet involves difficult decisions relating to principles of self-determination, human rights, sovereignty. But in the Council of Human Rights, these terms become disguises to an altogether different question.

We can assure you that it will become a game pandering to the delights of the Realists whilst the Idealists are stuck between a rock and a hard place. (If you do not believe us, watch this excerpt of the delegate of China’s response in the UNHRC – the real one:

Well rested from the mid-sem break we are sure, this will be an amazing tester for the debates that will ensue at AMUNC and beyond.

More details will come later on but be sure to keep this date in the diary!

Looking forward to seeing you there :)

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